Modified version OpenFAST v2.2.0 (Implementation of uniform base input motion and soil-structure interaction)

This repository contains a modified version of OpenFAST 2.2.0 in which the Subdyn module has been modified to include the two following features:

  • Seismic foundation input motions at the base of the support structure.
  • A dynamic soil-structure interaction model that employs a Simplified Lumped Parameter Model to represent the lateral, vertical, rocking and torsional impedances of the foundation.
Download source code
Modified version OpenFAST v2.2.0 source code can be downloaded from GitHub.

ProID2020010025, funded by Consejerı́a de Economı́a, Conocimiento y Empleo (Agencia Canaria de la Investigación. Innovación y Sociedad de la Información) of the Gobierno de Canarias and FEDER;